Thistle and Sun is about the interaction and intertwining between reality and beauty. On this earth we are never going to have a life entirely without thistles and thorns or difficult realities, but that does not mean that sunlight cannot filter through them. From my own experience, I can say that tough times can either blind us to the joys life offers, or it can amplify them. Beauty - true, lasting, radiant beauty - has a special song for aching hearts. It is my goal to help highlight the beauty in your reality, in spite of (or maybe even because of) your thorns. What I am looking for is a glorious connection between humans that I can reflect back to you - everything else is details. Whether you're an entrepreneur, a couple getting married, a senior, or someone needing headshots; if you're a human, I want to tell your whole story, and help you see the beauty in it. You should warned aware that despite my romantic/idealistic tendencies, I also have a wickedly sarcastic and cynical streak. The way I explain it is that I'm a solidly East Coast gal - I've got the heart of a southerner, the mind of a northerner, and the soul of someone who was born over a hundred years ago (as evidenced by my embarrassing crush on Bing Crosby). Other things that you should know include: 

  • I graduated college with a major in history, and am an all-around geek. Don't get me going on historical accuracy or Star Wars or the Titanic or ghost stories or Shakespeare without having plenty of time to talk about all of those subjects. Basically, you never know when a geek out is around the corner. 
  • I launched my wedding photography career when I was eleven (this means everyone forgot to bring their cameras to a cousin's last-minute wedding, and I took the responsibility upon myself). The bug bit me then, and I never recovered.
  • I'm a grateful Christian, always trying to love Jesus and love others better.
  • Road trips with Coca-Cola in the cupholder and good music blaring make my heart incredibly happy.
  • Crazy big ideas are my favorite. Those too-big-I-probably-shouldn't-even-mention-it kind of ideas? Making those come to fruition makes me dance around (it's hideous but joyful dancing).