Engaged : Sam + Chase

Jan 29, 2018

This bride-to-be and I go way back - our moms were friends before we were even born and when it came time for them to have kids, I was born one month before Sam. Our friendship is one of those beautifully comfortable ones that can be picked up aga...

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Downtown Engagement Session: CJ + Michelle

Mar 27, 2017

Downtown Raleigh is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to walk around and photograph - the buildings, movement, and simultaneous feeling of roots and newness make me unbelievably happy. For CJ and Michelle's engagement shoot, we just walke...

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Joshua+Andrea: Engaged

Aug 08, 2016

This shoot was a good deal of rambling, cracking up, and me suggesting an elopement when we ended up shooting in front of a courthouse (moral of the story: hire me as a photographer, not chaperone;). I’ve known both Joshua and Andrea as individual...

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Tyler + Anna: Engaged

Aug 06, 2016

I have a confession to make: the bride from this shoot and I go way back.  All the way back to our childhood.  All the way back to sharing a room from the time we were tiny, and learning to share and take care of each other. Watching my little sis...

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