Joshua+Andrea: Engaged

Aug 08, 2016

This shoot was a good deal of rambling, cracking up, and me suggesting an elopement when we ended up shooting in front of a courthouse (moral of the story: hire me as a photographer, not chaperone;). I’ve known both Joshua and Andrea as individuals for years, but it was so much fun to get to know them as a couple, to see the ease they had with one another, and to watch them make each other laugh.

Lots of local construction made for lots of equipment driving right through the middle of my shots. This of course made Joshua and Andrea crack up, while I tried to holler instructions across the street and over the noise of rumbling engines. 

I asked them to tell me their favorite things about each other. Happy looks exchanged by couples who are in love are my favorite.

Telling the story of one human is a pretty darn cool situation--showing the story of two humans who are committing to love each other til the end of their days? It’s the bomb dot com. For more love and Joshua+Andrea adorableness, check out this post featuring their wedding.