Tyler + Anna: Engaged

Aug 06, 2016

I have a confession to make: the bride from this shoot and I go way back.  All the way back to our childhood.  All the way back to sharing a room from the time we were tiny, and learning to share and take care of each other. Watching my little sister fall in love was bewildering (I mean, other people’s little sisters are totally allowed to fall in love and get married, but MY sister?? Singing the same love songs over and over and waiting anxiously for the moment her phone would chime with his heart-emoji-filled texts? EEEEW), but it was beautiful at the same time. I remember telling a friend that I was watching her actually get more and more lovely every day under the care and keeping of Tyler’s love. She glowed (still does, actually). When you have that kind of loveliness in your own backyard, it calls for a shoot of a more official nature.  So here we have it, the engagement shoot of Anna and Tyler.

I asked them to do the Flynn Rider 'smolder' and got the best-friends-giggling-at-each-other reaction I was looking for.

One of the cool things about shooting with your sister is that suggestions like, “Hey, let’s go knock on these friend’s door and see if they’ll let us shoot on their roof,” get taken in stride. Up the stairs, through an apartment, out a window, across a very suspiciously creaky roof, and here is where we found ourselves.

Thanks to my friend Andrea for this particular shot. It proves I actually exist, and also I love the amused friends hanging out the apartment window. :) Kinda has a Norman Rockwell feel to it.

Anna and Tyler, you are champs! Thanks for letting me turn my camera on your relationship.