Artisan Session: Across the Board

Apr 04, 2017

What happens when a barn just across your street is demolished? If you're Kaylee, you get a truckload of material and a blossoming new business. Kaylee transforms the old wood by cutting it down to size, staining it, and then painting on her original designs. It's always magical to watch people with motor skills in action (I can't even draw a stick figure well), so to see the typography and swirls come together was somewhat akin to beholding a miracle. :) One of my favorite things about these creative entrepreneur sessions has been that I always learn a lot about someone's craft - these business owners know their stuff, and have been so kind to share their knowledge with me as they go.

Fuel and tools.

This is Bitty, a vocal kitten who is determined to be a part of the process. She was constantly trying to walk across the fresh paint, but it was hard to be frustrated with such an adorable ball of fluff and energy.

Thank you so much for having me, Kay! I can't think of a better way to spend a March afternoon. :)