Artist Session: Kelsey of Kettle Pot Paints

Feb 13, 2017

During this session I got to watch Kelsey (watercolorist and Etsy creative) make her product from start to finish. It was amazing to document the process from a blank piece of card stock to a colorful memento of a tidy little house. Although I have what my mother would call "artsy tendencies", I have exactly zero motor skills, and so I have always held my painting friends in awe. Getting to watch someone paint for hours, and to see the magic happening was a real treat, especially since it was combined with a mild and sunshiny January afternoon. 

Kelsey has C.S. Lewis and Mr. Tolkien on her desk to keep her inspired (further proving that we are kindred spirits and artistic soulmates). 

Vintage knife rests turned brush holders.

It all starts with a photo, a pencil, and a very precise artist.

This just in: watercolors are magical.

A tiny sketchbook, which is one of the many small joys around Kelsey's studio.

A puzzled look down at a stubborn shade of red that was refusing to look like brick.

After the painting was finished, we retired to the living room for some quick portraits - Kelsey was a champ, despite claiming to be camera shy. :)  

She's just so lovely, inside and out. I'm a fan.

That's all, folks! Make sure you check out Kettle Pot Paints for all of your watercolor gift-giving needs. If you're an artist/entrepreneur and you are interested in doing a similar project, send me a quick message! I love working with other creatives, no matter what discipline.