Making of Hamlet: Part Two

Aug 24, 2016

This rehearsal happened all throughout a Saturday in July, about two weeks before the first preview.   Honest Pint ran through the whole play, with only a couple of stops for quick notes and (of course) food. Some of my personal favorite moments were actually offstage, in the wings, while actors either goofed off or ran over their lines for the one millionth time (or some combination thereof).

Tamara, playing the icy Queen Gertrude. It was a wonderfully surprising to find out that the people playing the evil, manipulative king and queen were actually the sweetest, most approachable people you will ever meet. 

One of the cool aspects of the production was musical interludes between each act, which these guys threw their full heart into.

Yorick could be found in various places around the theatre when he wasn't making his appearance on stage.

Shenanigans in the wings. 

Just before a fight call, running over the movements one last time.

After a long day, the company was one step closer to the first preview.