Podcaster Portrait Session

Aug 22, 2017

We've got a familiar face back on the blog! My beloved-aunt-favorite-cheerleader Amy and her friend Cheri run a podcast together, and needed new photos together for their brand spankin' new website (coming soon). They left it up to me to pick a location, so I (gleefully) picked the North Carolina Museum of Art. With surroundings made by the likes Rodin, Rembrandt, and Greek sculpters whose names we've forgotten, some of it has to wear off on the photographs, right?

Clearly, everyone was taking themselves very seriously.

You know, just podcasting in a park in a museum. A perfectly normal thing to do.

Listening to the aforementioned podcast by the lily pond, again nothing odd to see here (what was actually happening was a hilarious text stream with their team, producing the bubble-over, scrunch-up-your-whole-self laughter you see here).

A knowing look if ever I saw one.