Portrait Session: Karen

Jan 09, 2017

After studying a bit of art history and a lot of photographers recently, I had a handful of ideas to try out. I knew I wanted an incredibly simple setup, and I also knew I needed someone who would be willing to let me experiment, mess up, and try again. That's when my friend Karen came to mind. When I contacted her she was game to try my makeshift studio setup, and when she arrived she warmed up to the camera with lightning speed. My goal for this mini shoot was twofold: to try new things, and to give a window into Karen herself. I shot with one lens, and limited angles; this way I had to be more technically careful, and worked even harder to translate Karen's sweet spirit on camera. I walked away tired, but very happy for trying.

Coffee break! That's one good thing about experimenting with me; I firmly believe in giving my people delicious things. 

This was our setup: simple in a very sketchy, makeshift, made-of-blankets-ladders-chairs-and-faith kind of way. Hey, it worked! :)