I prefer to keep things simple and straightforward. No gimmicks, no photo packages that require you to pay for finished photos to be sent to you; what you see is what you get!

Seniors - $120 for an hour of photos + 30 edited images.

What you get:

  • One hour of walking around a place we will choose together, shooting, laughing, and possibly telling cringe-inducing dad jokes. 
  • An online gallery of 30 edited images ready to share with friends and family, sent straight to your inbox.
  • If you bring a friend, we'll do a double-shoot (don't worry, your photos will still look unique), we'll get some shots of you two together, and you BOTH get a discount!
  • Deal only good for spring of 2018.

Individual Portraits - $170 for about an hour and a half of photos + an online gallery of edited photos.

What you get:

  • Think of this as two people who are in cahoots, taking a walk and getting photos while we’re at it. For an hour and a half, we will work together to make photographs that express who you are—no awkward smiling or stiff poses, I promise.
  • An online gallery with all the edited photos we shot together that pass my inspection, ready to go with all printing rights.

Studio Sessions - $235 for an afternoon of hanging out together in your studio, photographing you doing what you love. 

What you get: 

- This session is focused on telling the story behind producing your work of choice. The bulk of the time will be spent on photographing you at work in your natural habitat, but we will make sure to take some finished product photos and some quick portraits. As an Etsy veteran myself, I understand that the how and why behind your product is part of the selling point, so I will be keeping an eye out for all the details that will make for a well-rounded visual campaign. 

- An online gallery of edited photos with publishing rights, ready for all of your promo needs.

Business Profile - $475 for me to hang out at your business all day, photograph the goings on + staff.

What you get:

  • Me and my equipment for one full work day, encapsulating what makes your business tick. I’ll be on the lookout for staff, products, your overall process, and client interactions. 
  • All edited photos from the day shipped to your business on a flash drive, fresh and ready for all of your promotional needs (social media, printing, or anything else; you will get the rights to do with them whatever you please).
  • Don’t think you need me around for a full day? Contact me, and we can figure out a time/price that works better for you.

Weddings - 8 hours for $900

What you get:

  • Me and my gear, on location for eight hours working tirelessly to capture the feel of the day. 
  • If you’re local, a meet up for coffee (or if coffee’s not your thing, how about a Coke?) beforehand so we can get to know each other. The goal is to make you feel like, “Oh, our friend Megan is coming to our wedding, and she happens to be photographing it," as opposed to, “Aaaah, a total stranger just showed up and now she’s shoving her camera in our faces!” If you’re not a local, we can Skype and pretend we’re in a coffee shop. :)
  • All of the edited photos shipped right to your house on a thumb drive, along with full printing rights.

Out of Town

I love to travel (seriously - it’s that jump-up-and-down-warm-and-happy-inside type of love); if you are not directly in my area (about a two hour radius of Raleigh, NC) shoot over an e-mail and let’s see if I can come to you. Outside of travel costs, there is no up-charge.

If you want to work together on a project that’s not on this list, drop me a line and let’s start a conversation. Some of my favorite projects of all time have been a result of talking to strangers on the internet. :)

And Another Thing:

All prices are subject to NC sales tax.

These are my portfolio-building prices, for while I'm getting my feet under me in the industry and still learning those early career lessons. This means the prices are destined to go up within the year as my equipment/knowledge gain value. You have been duly warned!