Beach Study

Apr 11, 2017

I arrived at my beach with only the idea of wanting to collect enough photos of the surroundings to make a blog post. It wasn't at all thought out, I just needed content. But the ocean always has this effect on me, particularly after I've been awa...

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Old Town Profile: Williamsburg Sunrise

Nov 03, 2016

I have a new tradition when I go on trips: ever since Dublin I have resolved to get up before the sun at least one morning. Why, one might rightly ask, would a ...

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UK Trip, Part Two

Aug 07, 2016

This part of the trip sees us through Ireland, Wales, and then back to England to spend some time in Oxford. I must admit, after driving through England and Scotland, I had the thought, 'How can things get greener? Surely the whole Emerald Isl...

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UK Trip, Part One

Aug 06, 2016

All of my semi-adult life, I have had the dream of someday going to England (I say semi-adult because the dream really came into being when I was about fourteen, and we all know there is nothing adult about that age). Several schemes were worked u...

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