Old Town Profile: Williamsburg Sunrise

Nov 03, 2016

I have a new tradition when I go on trips: ever since Dublin I have resolved to get up before the sun at least one morning. Why, one might rightly ask, would a person consider giving up one morning of blissfully late vacation sleeping?  In my limited but happy experience, getting up early gives me the chance to see the city in a different light (literally and figuratively). There is the feeling of being let in on a secret when you get to see a town quiet and at rest. You watch it slowly wake from the lulling, almost black sky to a grey pre-dawn. The grey spreads and slowly turns into blue hues as the birds wake up, and then--the sun. Golden light spills over the town, and the early wakeup call becomes entirely worthwhile. 

Touring Colonial Williamsburg with no one around really gave us a chance to poke around some alleyways and find some hidden treasures.

This was a unicorn horn, and no one can tell me otherwise.

Aaaand golden light. Cue the Pride and Prejudice theme.

Gotta love light's pattern play in the early hours.

The Wythe House + light patterns. I've had a special place in my heart for this house for many years. Back in the day this building was a home George Wythe, who emphasized careful scholarship, continued learning, and brought about many meetings of the minds. 

That's all for now, folks! Special thanks to my brother Jake for getting up early to keep me company/be my bodyguard/make me laugh super hard.