UK Trip, Part One

Aug 06, 2016

All of my semi-adult life, I have had the dream of someday going to England (I say semi-adult because the dream really came into being when I was about fourteen, and we all know there is nothing adult about that age). Several schemes were worked up over the years, and had fallen through. So when my grandparents were talking about making a trip back to their old home in Oxford, I jumped at the chance--but remained skeptical about whether or not it would actually happen. I told very few people it was even in the works until I had bought my plane ticket. And then our plans expanded. We would not only be visiting England, we would be traveling through England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, and Wales (cue freaking out and a grin that could not be wiped off my face)! After a couple of days in London on our own, we boarded a bus with a bunch of retirees and a handful of young people to get a broad view of the UK and Ireland. In many ways, this trip was beyond my wildest, most far-fetched dreams. I could write thousands of words about it, but for the most part I would prefer to let the photos speak for themselves.

I found my one true love at Hampton Court Palace! Doesn't he look thrilled to be found? Heh. I also took the opportunity while visiting Henry VIII's home base to mentally shake my fist at his portrait on behalf of all his wives.

This was about a ten minute's walk away from my hotel, which caused me to question the trip's reality.

A humble lunch in the glorious sunshine, outside the British Museum. One of my favorite small memories from the trip. 

As you can see, although I loved (LOVED) all of the artifacts under one roof, my people-watching tendencies drew me towards watching people from all of the world discover the Museum.

The breathtaking views from the top of York Minster (literally--it was 275 steps to the top, and I didn't return to normal breathing patterns for about an hour, but it was totally worth it!).

My adorable grandparents checking out The Shambles in York (it's a place, not an insult:). 

A gentleman and his dog out for lunch in Grasmere. 

Edinburgh, which was so beautiful it deserves its own post (maybe someday).

Getting ready to cross the Irish Sea. Still interested seeing the rest of this jaunt? Hop on over to part two.