Hudson + Rachael: Married

Jun 26, 2017

Every couple has their own vibe - it's part of the reason I love meeting with a bride and groom before the ceremony, to see them in their natural habitat, and to figure out the way they interact. Watching Rachael and Hudson, it was clear that they...

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Bridal Session: Tori

Dec 15, 2016

Tori is one of the most beautiful people I know. It's that inside-and-out kind of beauty you read about growing up; her kindness, humor, and care for others radiates from her face (particularly those gorgeous brown eyes:). This shoot took place at...

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Hunter+Priscilla: Married

Aug 19, 2016

Oh boy, you guys. This wedding. This wedding was a day soaked in love. The love of Hunter and Priscilla. Love between mother and son.  Love of a community for this newly forming family. Love of a mother-in-law for her future daughter-in-law. Love ...

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Joshua+Andrea: Married

Aug 08, 2016

After doing their engagement shoot, I knew this wedding would be a fun, unique day. One of the really special things the new Horn family decided to do was to ...

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Nick + Rebekah : Married

Aug 06, 2016

This wedding holds a special place as a first! Although I’d previously shot a handful of weddings as a shadow for a couple of different photographers, this was my first solo shoot. Was I excited? Yes, to the point of busting out a horrifying attem...

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