Hudson + Rachael: Married

Jun 26, 2017

Every couple has their own vibe - it's part of the reason I love meeting with a bride and groom before the ceremony, to see them in their natural habitat, and to figure out the way they interact. Watching Rachael and Hudson, it was clear that they took care of each other, and anyone who crossed their path. This caring extended all the way through their wedding day in such a beautiful way. As individuals, they are wonderful - together, they are Jesus-motivated dynamite, loving on everyone in their reach. And it made being a part of their day such a joy and honor.

The bridesmaid getting-ready area: a joyous place exploding with makeup and hairspray and clothing options. This time it was actually in the bride and groom's new apartment!

A quiet place can be hard to find. Sometimes under-the-table methods are necessary. :)

Hudson and his mama. Both of the moms worked so hard to get everything ready.

"Can we all make a serious face?"


Rachael's little sister got a little teary during bridal portraits. Then I got VERY teary. This job is awesome for keeping a person's tear ducts healthy.

The bride and her parents. Crazy cool story: Rachael's grandmother made the wedding dress you see here for her mother, about thirty years ago. This year, Rachael's mom, Sylvia, altered it for this wedding. Again with the tear duct thing.

Waiting with the pastors.

This reminded me of the photo of the Beatles crossing Abbey Road. 

"Holy moly we just got married" faces are a personal favorite.

I hope someday I'm lucky enough to have a mother-in-law like Sylvia. :)

Holding hands with Grandma while getting family photos arranged. If I could use the heart eyes emoji in blogging format, I would.

Sibling photos.

He wanted a photo of Rachael, because he, "knows a good shot when he sees one". 

Rachael found honeysuckles, and spontaneously gave me one of my favorite moments from the whole wedding. :)

The bride and groom got to eat in a little hideaway, across the creek.

Dedicated (and friendly) paparazzi.

Father-daughter dance...

...and mother-son.

Note the tiny eyes peering over the cake.

When the bride's nephew catches the garter, it's a very blurry-constant-motion-super-happy type moment.

In which the shoe game is played, and Hudson very wisely refuses to answer a question that could get him into trouble.

Sparkler send off.

Mr. and Mrs. Rice, thank you for having me as a part of your day! Getting to see your new family formed was a privilege, and I can't wait to see where you go from here.