Hunter+Priscilla: Married

Aug 19, 2016

Oh boy, you guys. This wedding. This wedding was a day soaked in love. The love of Hunter and Priscilla. Love between mother and son.  Love of a community for this newly forming family. Love of a mother-in-law for her future daughter-in-law. Love of Jesus, who gave all of these people to each other. Love of all the friends, family, and neighbors who came together to pull this wedding off. The whole day was just immersed in it. This wedding was held in the family of the groom’s backyard, with close family and friends attending. The girls got ready in the house where the groom grew up, and the guys got ready at a neighbor’s house, just through a path in the back yard. At four o’clock, the long-awaited ceremony took place. Many sweet tears, laughs, and hugs made this fair (hot) day a lovely one.

The dress. It was a mix of Forest Fairy Queen and Belle from Beauty and the Beast, and it was stupendous.

All florals by my old friend and amazing wedding coordinator, Tori.

Through the path at a neighbor's house, where the guys were getting ready.

The guys of the wedding wore rockin' socks. And this pose was all their idea, no joke.

Back at the groom's house, getting in some pre-wedding portrait goodness. Until we heard the guys coming through the path, at which point Priscilla had to make a mad dash for the house. :)

Chelle, the mother of the groom. SO much love here.

Waiting on the side of the house for the ceremony to start.

When Hunter saw his bride coming down the aisle. Pretty sure there wasn't a dry eye in the entire yard.

When it came time to exchange rings, the groomsmen couldn't remember who had Priscilla's wedding band. Heh. :)

All bride+groom+wedding party portraits somehow end up here. And I'm totally okay with that.

These two did the best impromptu, totally uncoached poses. For instance: The Titanic Pose (and no, they're never letting go :).

First dance.

I've decided that for more intimate weddings, I love getting a photo of the whole group. We have one from one of my dear family member's wedding, and it's one of my favorite photos to date.

Dance floor shenanigans, feat. Uptown Funk.

And for good measure, one last look at the ceremony area, created by the most superior of all wedding coordinators, Tori (I have a particularly soft spot for twinkly lights). It was a happy end to a happy day, one that I was absolutely privileged to be a part of.