Joshua+Andrea: Married

Aug 08, 2016

After doing their engagement shoot, I knew this wedding would be a fun, unique day. One of the really special things the new Horn family decided to do was to meet up before they got ready, to regroup, eat breakfast, and pray together. It was a lovely time that set the tone for the rest of the day. It was a day of rejoicing, love (of course!), feasting, and giddy smiles. I was privileged to shoot this wedding as a second for the lovely Kristin Shyla, which gave me an amazing opportunity to sometimes shift my camera away from the main event, give more attention than normal to the people who had come together to celebrate with Joshua and Andrea. 

Joshua had left a sweet note and gift for Andrea.

Over to the guys, who got ready at the church.

The groom's grandparents signing the guestbook.

Joshua and Andrea were texting up until the half hour mark before their wedding. Lots of heart emojis. :)

Waiting, waiting...

One of the different things Joshua and Andrea decided to during the wedding was to have Joshua come down to claim Andrea as his bride, and then walk down with her. It was definitely a beautiful picture, one I'd be happy to see as a new tradition.

Post wedding congratulations from Courage, Andrea's little brother. He loves his sister dearly, so he participated in the day's jubilation with great zest.

Andrea's sweet sister-in-law and Maid of Honor, Rachel.

At the wedding feast.

Andrea designed all of the signage,invitations, and programs. Basically her doodles put all my finest sketches to shame. :)

Andrea's grandmother, who traveled all the way from India to attend!

The groomsmen and bridesmaids decked out the getaway car with glee.

To the new Horn family: thank you for trusting me with part of your day! I enjoyed every minute of it.