Nick + Rebekah : Married

Aug 06, 2016

This wedding holds a special place as a first! Although I’d previously shot a handful of weddings as a shadow for a couple of different photographers, this was my first solo shoot. Was I excited? Yes, to the point of busting out a horrifying attempt at a happy dance when I booked it. Nervous? Also yes, until I met the bride, Rebekah. She was so easy-going and obviously over-the-moon to be marrying her groom (Nick) that I knew the wedding day would be a treat. An additional bonus: the bride’s extended family has known me since I was a baby. Two of the bridesmaids actually lived with my family for a couple of months when we were kids! Seeing the family and close friends of Nick and Rebekah come together to celebrate their union was a delight, as was telling their story. Without further ado, here’s the day!

The bride and groom are huge Disney fans, and were heading off to honeymoon in Disney World, so it seemed appropriate to include a small homage to everyone's favorite mouse. 

This is the exact moment when Erin, the sweet and detail-oriented bridesmaid, noticed that in the rush, she had forgotten to take off her Fitbit for all the bride+bridesmaids formal shots. As a result, I now know to have everyone hold up their wrists before shooting any formals. :)

All these two had to do was look at each other for the water works to start. The sweetness of friends and family can really be brought out on a wedding day.

The bouquet toss with excited onlookers.

Rebekah's cousin decided to be a special part of the exit parade!